About Phillips & Associates
Established in 1971, Phillips & Associates is a management consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, leadership development, and fundraising counsel exclusively for nonprofit institutions and organizations. Our firm has counseled clients throughout the United States involved in the fields of health and medicine, education, human services, cultural organizations, and the arts. A listing of clients served, professional references, and description of client service is on the Phillips & Associates website.

The Art of Fundraising
By Gary Phillips

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We are developing interactive consulting services planned and tailored to meet your needs and budget.

Online Consultation

When you sign-up for Online Consultation Sessions, you will have the opportunity during scheduled sessions to pose specific questions and concerns having a bearing on their organizational development and fundraising. Online responses will be offered by Gary Phillips, Chairman of Phillips & Associates and other skilled and experienced consultants certified by Phillips & Associates. Online Consultation Sessions are intended to explore in more detail, and in confidence, specific challenges and solutions related directly to their organization’s distinctive circumstances.

Phillips OnLine

Our Resource Library provides easy access to sound professional advice and experience developed by Phillips & Associates in over 500 client assignments since the firm’s founding.

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